Tuscancity Property Management - because we're landlords too.

Tuscancity Property Management is a boutique property management company specialising in the management of residential apartments and units in Auckland Central.

We deliver a top notch service for our landlords which includes selecting the best tenants, achieving the highest possible market rent, keeping their properties full year-round, thus ensuring our landlords receive the maximum financial return on their investment properties.

Managing properties can be a time consuming and, at times, a frustrating process. We take the day-to-day running of your property off your shoulders so you can sit back and relax while we address any maintenance issues, ensure rents are paid on time and do any administration work on your behalf.

We truly believe we are the best – just look at our arrears and vacancy rate as proof – practically 0% so give us a call on 021 664 192 or send us an Email and see what a difference a real passion for your property can make!

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